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Sunday, 22 January 2017

4 years to first MoT - consultation announced

We have previously mentioned plans to extend the period before a car needs an MoT, and now the government has launched a consultation on changing the period, from three to four years. The consultation is here and the BBC News website reports the story (with added background) here.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Tesla avoids recall after Autopilot crash death - BBC News

BBC News reports that the NHTSA's report into the fatal Tesla accident in Florida, in which the driver had allowed the car's so-called Autopilot feature to do all the driving for him, does not require a recall. It accepts that the feature is designed only to help the driver, although it says that manufacturers of even semi-autonomous cars must provide warnings suitable for the "inattentive driver". And even if a modification can be done over the air, cars will still have to be recalled, which seems like overkill.

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CMA closes short-term car hire case

The CMA has announced the closure of the case concerning short-term car hire in the EU, which it opened in 2014, co-ordinating the efforts of other national authorities in the EU Consumer Protection Cooperation Network. The CMA says that it has had "co-operative engagement" from the five major car rental businesses, and has secured improved price transparency. Some terms and conditions have also been improved. Although the case is closed, the industry will continue to be monitored to ensure that the agreed changes are implemented.

Suspended jail sentence for 'irresponsible' dealer who sold dangerous car - Car Dealer Magazine

Car Dealer Magazine reports that a dealer who sold a dangerously defective vehicle has been given a five-month sentence suspended for 12 months, and ordered to pay £3,500 costs, an £80 victim surcharge, a £150 fine and £2,000 compensation (you almost expect a 10 per cent service charge after reading that menu of charges) after pleading guilty to three offences, to described as 'trading regulation' offences and the third as a 'product safety' offence. The vehicle in question was a Nissan Navara which had major structural defects and severe corrosion - although the trader had described it as being in 'excellent condition throughout'.

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