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Monday, 18 July 2011

MoT certificates to show historic mileage?

The Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday that the government is considering requiring historical vehicle mileage to be recorded on MoT certificates, in a bid to stamp out clocking. If the certificate showed you the readings from previous years, that would of course be a big help - unless it had been clocked in the first three years, when it didn't need an MoT test. Oh, and at the same time the government wants to make that four years.

At present, of course, clocking isn't illegal: it's only selling the car with the false mileage that is. This lacuna is allowing "mileage correction" businesses to flourish, and while they might have some legitimate purpose it's definitely outweighed by the less legitimate side of mileage adjustment, enabling others to pretend the mileage is less than it is. The only way to stop it completely is surely to outlaw the adjustment business altogether.

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