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Friday, 1 August 2014

ASA Adjudication on Tesco's Hobgoblin beer offer

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint about an offer on Hobgoblin beer (an excellent product from the Wychwood brewery). It indicated that the normal price was £4.99 for four cans, and the reduced price was £4.50: in fact it had been offered for more time at £4.00, making the special offer far from special. The £4.50 price also remained after the offer was supposed to have closed: it was not in fact an extension of the offer period but a repricing, but the ASA still didn't like it - consumers would have bought by the advertised date in the expectation that the price would go up again thereafter.

Not a case with specific motor industry connotations - but an interesting indication of the ASA's approach to the problem of dodgy bargain offers, on which the law has been very much relaxed since the days of the Bargain Offers Order.

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