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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

DVLA suffers High Court defeat for revoking elderly woman's licence based on 'age alone' - Telegraph

The Telegraph reports that the High Court has ruled that the DVLA was wrong to revoke a woman's licence based on age alone - although in fact there seems to be a bit more to it than that. Nevertheless, it does sound as if there was a presumption that age was a pretty good reason for revoking a licence. DVLA (or the magistrates to whom the driver appealed at first) also took the view that she lacked insight, believing that she was a better driver than she was 20 years ago: no doubt there is a stage in everyone's lives when they stop getting better at something, like driving, but for most people surely the more experience they have the better they will be at it. I am a much better driver now than 20 or 30 and certainly 40 years ago, although whether I will be better still in another 20 years time alone can tell. The case is  Hitchen, R (On the Application Of) v Oxford Magistrates Court [2015] EWHC 271 (Admin) (19 January 2015) 

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