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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Volvo Cars North American Introduces "Pay Once and Never Pay Again" Lifetime Parts & Labor Warranty

An interesting idea which, unless I am mistake, hasn't yet been used here or over in the USA before by any other manufacturers, though whenever I see the expression "lifetime warranty" I ask myself exactly what does that mean - that the goods will last for as long as they last? But in truth what this is more concerned with is making sure owners repair (as you might say) to the manufacturer's network when they need anything doing to their car, rather than actually guaranteeing the parts and labour, which increasingly should last for the lifetime of the whole car.

The closest I have found to this new idea is Vauxhall's lifetime warranty, which was on the car rather than parts (though obviously they got covered too) - but that has apparently been discontinued, and in any case only protected the first owner (so, a very narrow definition of "lifetime"). Volvo Cars of North America Media Newsroom say in their press release:
Volvo Cars of North America will now offer a lifetime parts and labor warranty for all Volvo vehicles serviced after the factory warranty at any Volvo retailer. Volvo customers can expect to pay once and never pay again for replacement Volvo parts and labor, excluding accessories and wear items, for as long as they own their car.

This addition to the Volvo Service Advantage program is part of the company’s definition of premium service, a philosophy that is designed around the customer’s needs and lifetime love of Volvo Cars. All Volvo owners can expect to receive the premium service experience when servicing at their local Volvo retailer. In addition to the lifetime parts and labor warranty, customers will receive free software updates, complimentary diagnostics, personal service, alternative transportation and a complimentary car wash.

“We look forward to redefining the way manufacturers service and support their vehicles” says Scott Doering, Vice President of Customer Service, Volvo Cars of North America, “the lifetime parts and labor warranty is a best in class offer from a luxury automaker.”

All Volvo owners are invited to experience this new definition of luxury service at their local Volvo retailer. All Volvo models are eligible for the Volvo Service Advantage program and the new lifetime parts and labor warranty.

“The lifetime parts and labor warranty is a commitment to both quality vehicles and quality customer relationships,” says Lex Kerssemakers, President and CEO of Volvo Cars of North America, “everyone should feel confident that Volvo is here to support our customers throughout the ownership of their vehicle.”
A pretty obvious way to drive business to authorised workshops, but perhaps a rather expensive one. Let's see how long it lasts, and whether anyone else imitates it. Commentators in the US appear to think that it's what Volvo need to do to address some quality problems they have had in recent years ...

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