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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

New consumer ombudsman to handle car complaints | Auto Express

Auto Express reports on a new free online service to help consumers complain about buying cars, repairs and servicing. The story is here. The service is run by Ombudsman Services Ltd, a company limited by guarantee (therefore by definition not-for-profit) which has been around since 2002 offering services in a number of sectors. In fact it isn't just aiming at the motor trade, but opening up its service for all sectors, according to Auto Express: there isn't a mention of it that I can find on the company's own website.

Clearly, to be credible, an organisation like this needs good links with the sectors where the complaints come from. It has sound-looking credentials in utilities areas, and also in copyright licensing, and the website suggests (without as far as I can see stating it expressly) that they have the approval or regulatory bodies. It will be interesting to see who in the motor sector has given approval to the new service.

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