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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Car dealer sued after traded-in pickup ends up in hands of jihadists - Car Dealer Magazine

Car Dealer Magazine tells the story of a Texan plumber who traded in his pick-up without taking the elementary precaution (you'd think) of removing his business's name and phone number, printed of course on nice big and highly visible decals, from it. Bad enough that it might then have been seen in places in Texas where he'd prefer his name not to be bandied about, but the dealer disposed of it at auction and it went to Turkey before ending up being used by jihadists, having acquired a rear-mounted machine gun along the way. (And it wasn't even a Toyota!)

Unfortunately for the plumber, a photo of the truck in its new existence appeared on the Internet and went viral, resulting in a lot of grief for him and his business in the form of nasty phone calls and the like - as if he would have actually endorsed what had happened. So what did he do? Sued the dealer who took it in part-exchange, on the basis that they should have peeled the decals off. Only in America ...

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