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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

France: Manufacturers to be quizzed over emissions

Executives from Opel and Mercedes-Benz face a grilling from the panel set up by the French energy minister too enquire into the emissions issue. Renault appeared before them on 18 January and the next two car makers will do so on 28th.
A hundred different models are being tested, to compare on-the-road emissions with the results of the laboratory tests that are mandated by type approval laws. Preliminary test results are said to show that many vehicles perform much worse on the road than in the lab, although as we know there are many reasons why this should be the case.
Renault are recalling 15800 Captur SUVs too resolve problems with pollution controls, and. Offering updates for a further 700,000 vehicles. Opel deny that they are recalling 1.6 litre diesel-powered Zafiras,but Reuters reports that the vehicles are receiving a service update.

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