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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Automobile industry reiterates call for urgent clarity on RDE | ACEA - European Automobile Manufacturers' Association

Ahead of the vote on real driving emissions (RDE) in the European Parliament on 3 February, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) reiterated its call for urgent clarity so manufacturers can plan the development and design of vehicles in line with the new RDE requirements.
RDE will introduce a completely new testing method for vehicles on the road. Europe is the first and only region in the world to introduce such a system, which will lead to major progress in improving air quality.
While the current proposal takes into account error margins in the new measuring equipment, vehicle manufacturers will have to aim well below the legal limit to ensure compliance. Moreover, the error margin will be reviewed and, as the equipment improves in precision, the conformity factor will be tightened.
“Looking at the timescale for RDE, the proposal represents a tremendous challenge for Europe’s car manufacturers in terms of timing and investments, but the industry is absolutely ready to take it up,” stated ACEA Secretary General, Erik Jonnaert.
A rejection of the member states’ decision by the European Parliament would increase uncertainty for the industry and leave little time to make the necessary changes to vehicles and assembly lines. “Ultimately, it would delay improvements to air quality, particularly in cities,” said Jonnaert.

A final word on the matter from the Financial Times: "Some lawmakers say blueprint for new system is so lenient that its provisions are illegal."

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