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Saturday, 19 March 2016

U.S.: Maryland bill would require use of original parts in insurance repairs

A bill, GAM-HB1258 Summary 2016 Regular Session, in the Maryland General Assembly would force insurers to pay for original equipment parts for body repairs on new vehicles (up to two years old). After that repairers could use certified aftermarket components, too. Owners would still be able consent in writing to use uncertified aftermarket parts, if they wish.

The bill did not receive unanimous support (what, in the motor trade, ever does?). According to Automotive News, the Automotive Body Parts Association believes the law would take about consumer choice and raise insurance rates. "[It] is only good for the car companies, giving them a virtual monopoly on parts for the first two years of the vehicle's life," it said in a statement. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the bill received an adverse report from a committee in the House and was withdrawn: but there may be more attempts like it to change the law.

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