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Sunday, 21 August 2016

California lawmaker to withdraw zero emissions vehicle bill

Automotive News reports that California Assemblywoman Autumn Burke is withdrawing a bill she had introduced earlier in the month, which would have required car-makers to ensure that 15 per cent of their new car sales comprised zero-emission vehicles by 2025. It sounds like an ambitious goal, and with the car industry, the oil industry, and unions all against it, there wasn't much chance of it getting very far. Ms Burke will meet stakeholders to discuss producing a more acceptable bill next session, but in any case state legislation will ensure that there are 1.5 millionZEVs on the roads of California by 2015 - or at least that's what the law requires.

Ms Burke earlier ( explained that without her bill the state would not come close to its existing target. The big problem with the California approach is said to be the fact that it is based on credits, which manufacturers of traditional cars can buy from ZEV manufacturers - which you might recall accounted for much of Tesla's profitability in the past.

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