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Friday, 21 April 2017

EU to propose linking CO2 emissions for trucks, cars to road toll charges

Automotive News Europe reports that the Commission will shortly publish proposals to make vehicles pay higher road toll charges according to the amount of carbon dioxide they emit. It will be the first time that the EU has intervened in the road tolls field except for trucks, and is expected to set out EU-wide principles such as the idea that drivers should pay a toll related to the distance travelled, and including buses and coaches. Time-based charges, such as those in Germany, will not be permitted, and tolls will have to avoid discriminating against foreign drivers - another issue which Germany has faced. It aims to be revenue-neutral, so more-polluting vehicles will be charged more while cleaner ones will face lower tolls.

ACEA has indicated that it supports differential road charging provided it promotes low emissions in real conditions of use, and fair competition between types of vehicles. To achieve an optimal result, ACEA argues that the real emissions of the complete vehicle combination - including tyres, weight and aerodynamics - must be taken into account. But the proposals will not be universally welcomed - hauliers will oppose the phasing out of time-based vignette systems which are cheaper to operate than distance-based charges, which will require new onboard equipment.

The proposals will not mandate the hypothecation of revenues from tolls, but will include disclosure requirements to it will be clear where the money raised is spent.

The proposals are expected to be published on 31 May.

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