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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Snap Queen's Speech

Following the snap election, a snap Queen's Speech - with little of direct, specific interest to the motor industry in it, but a lot about Brexit. More on that another time. Much more on that, at other times, I should say.

What there is to interest the motor industry is a proposed Civil Liability Bill, which will bring down the cost of insurance premiums by reducing the cost and quantity of whiplash claims. It will introduce a new fixed compensation tariff for whiplash injuries for up to two years, and will ban offers to settle claims without supporting of medical evidence.

There will also be an Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill, which will require the installation of charge points for electric vehicles at motorway service areas and large fuel retailers. It will also include a set of common technical and operational standards which will ensure that charging points are convenient and work seamlessly right across the UK.

Compulsory motor vehicle insurance will also be extended to cover the use of automated vehicles, to ensure compensation claims continue to be paid quickly, fairly and easily, in line with longstanding insurance practice.

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