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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Another alleged lookalike: Lincoln and Bentley

With Jaguar Land Rover finding that Chinese law doesn't really help them when it comes to stopping Landwind and their Evoque lookalike, Bentley have also been complaining that the new Lincoln Continental Concept looks a bit too much like their Flying Spur. The story, with photos of the cars, is on Automotive News here. Here is the Lincoln Continental Concept website and here is the Flying Spur one, where you can see for yourself how similar they are - or aren't. The simple fact is that the constraints under which car designers are obliged to operate mean that cars are inevitably going to look more and more alike. There is still a reasonable amount of design freedom, of course, but the designers of these two cars were no doubt working to similar briefs and were bound to come up with something similar. And anyway, who cares much whether their car looks similar to another? The badges are far more important.

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