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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

US court rules Ford’s Sync system did not infringe patent

World Intellectual Property Review reports that a jury at the US District Court for the Western District of Washington has given Ford a double victory in its dispute with Eagle Harbor Holdings, ruling that Ford did not infringe four patents owned by EHH and that its trade secrets were misappropriated.
The four patents owned by the technology licensing company cover technology used in a car computer system. EHH claimed that Ford’s Sync computer system, used in its Focus and C-Max models, infringed its patents. Ford counterclaimed for invalidity and also alleged that its trade secrets had been misappropriated.
To of the patents were held to be invalid, and the other two were not infringed.
The trade secrets claim revolved around a Ford document which had been in the possession of MediusTech, a subsdiary of EHH, when it was working as an adviser for Navox, a technology company that worked with Ford to develop the Sync system. Ford said EHH knew the information in the document was confidential, but used it to obtain a patent.

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