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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Motor Law volume 14 no 9

The latest edition of the newsletter is finished and on its way to subscribers - indeed, by the time you read this those who receive their copies electronically will already have it (so if you don't already get it that way, you might like to think about changing!). Unfortunately, I am a little behind in producing it - the latest edition is dated March, but please bear in mind that we have always given it the date of the month it covers, not the month of publication, so it could be worse. April will follow very shortly and May after that, and then we will be back on track: but this blog should keep you up to date in between.

Here are links to documents referred to in the newsletter.

Consumer Rights Act:
CMA final order on motor insurance:
Federal Trade Commission and Mini warranties
European Commission and credit charge fees: press release
Court of Justice on unfair contract terms
German case on termination of FIAT network

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