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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Germany wants stricter EU rules for car emissions

Automotive News reports that Germany, of all countries, wants emissions rules tightened up. It's carbon dioxide that's the problem (CO2, as everyone who hasn't worked out how to use subscript, or understood the need to do so, refers to it), not NOx: last month a committee of the German legislature revealed that some 30 car models were emitting suspiciously large volumes of the gas. The proposal is designed to help defeat or deter the use of cheat technology, and to require vehicle manufacturers to disclose what technology they are using to protect engines in harsh driving conditions. It's the fact that GM have admitted that the emissions controls on Zafiras shut off at a certain speed and air pressure, to avoid damaging the engine that seems to have prompted this latest idea: GM say that they are doing nothing illegal there, but whether it should be legal is another matter.

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