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Monday, 10 October 2016

Coventry dealer gives undertakings to trade fairly

Car Dealer Magazine reports how a dealer from Coventry gave undertakings to Trading Standards (for himself and his companies) that he will trade fairly in future. The undertakings could be seen on his website, where he agreed to publish them to satisfy the authorities who had received many complaints about the businesses: but it seems that the business has now stopped trading.

The undertakings say that the dealer and the companies will not:
  • deny consumers their statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015;
  • sell vehicles in an unroadworthy condition;
  • falsely describe vehicles as having full service histories when they do not;
  • make false statements as to the specification of a motor vehicle; and 
  • fail to respond in a timely fashion to telephone calls, emails or other correspondence from consumers regarding faulty vehicles.
A breaach of the undertakings would amount to a contempt of court, and could result in imprisonment.
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