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Friday, 14 October 2016

Rogue dealer

Car Dealer Magazine reports that a dealer admitted seven offences under the Unfair Trading Regulations and was sentenced to four months in prison - but the sentence was suspended for two years. The individual, Peter Coulton, ran a company called Lloyds Motor Centre Limited in Warrington, but the business had become insolvent and had been voluntarily wound up. The dealer's conviction therefore was little help to the customers who had complained of being left with defective cars: there was no money with which they could be compensated for the £9,000 which they had reportedly lost.

The case illustrates the sort of activities that can lead to prosecution. One customer had told him that the car had to be safe because it was for her 18 year old daughter, but when examined by a mechanic it turned to to have several serious faults. She was told by the dealer to take the matter up with the warranty company, which would have been little help anyway, but there was in fact no warranty anyway.

Car Dealer Magazine also reports another customer whose car broke down a week after being bought, and one the MoT on which had expired the day before being sold.

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