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Thursday, 4 May 2017

ASA rules on "EXTRA 50%off all oils" advertisement

In an email on 25 November 2016, Euro Car Parts advertised "EXTRA 50% Off All Oils" but the complainant argued that Castrol Engine Oil Edge FST 4ltr was not 50% cheaper. Euro Car Parts argued that the oil was priced at £64.32 for two weeks before the four-day offer and for six weeks after it ended. The ASA took the view that consumers would understand the claim in the advertisement meant that they would be able to purchase oil at a discount from the usual selling price, and the word "EXTRA" would suggest to them that a discount had already been applied so the promotion gave an additional 50 per cent discount. Given that the Castrol oil had been offered at £64.32 only for two weeks before the promotion, and otherwise had sold for between £36.49 and £46.99 during 2016, the higher price could not be called the "usual selling price". Moreover, the use of the word EXTRA indicated that the total discount was more than 50 per cent, which was not the case. The complaint was upheld

Euro Car Parts Ltd - ASA | CAP:

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