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Thursday, 4 May 2017

BMW (UK) Ltd - ASA Code of Advertising Practice ruling

In BMW (UK) Ltd - ASA | CAP two complaints were investigated by the ASA, both of which were upheld. The ruling concerned a national press ad for the BMW 760Li xDrive, seen in the Telegraph Magazine on 14 January, featured the headline claim "LUXURY JUST LOST ITS MANNERS." Further text stated "Introducing the BMW M760Li xDrive. M Performance TwinPower [sic] Turbo technology. 6.6 litre V12. 610 hp. 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds. For some, the climb to the top is quicker".

The complainant alleged that BMW had made speed the main message of the ad, contrary to Rule 19.4 of the CAP: and, noting that the Highway Code prohibited driving without reasonable consideration for other road users, also contended that the claim "Luxury just lost its manners" condoned irresponsible driving contrary to Rule 19.2.

The ASA upheld both complaints and told the advertiser to ensure they did not make speed or acceleration the main message of their future marketing communications. The ASA also told them to ensure that their ads did not condone or encourage driving without consideration for other road users.

For the full text of the Council decision, go here.

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