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Friday, 22 July 2016

Dieselgate: Latest developments

A selection of recent news items from Reuters about the VW diesel scandal:

UK should consider prosecuting VW over emissions scandal - MPs: the Transport Select Committee reckons the government hasn't been quick enough deciding whether the manufacturer broke the law (but isn't that supposed to be the job of the courts?). Here's a link to the committee's Third Report of this session, on the VW scandal and type approval.

Volkswagen fix for Audi Q5 does not cut emissions, EU consumer group says: BEUC says it doesn't do the job.

Spanish court says Volkswagen parent company liable to answer any emissions fraud charges: it can't fob off responsibility to its local distributor.

German prosecutors say won't be lenient with VW: just because they have been hammered in the States doesn't mean that they won't be hammered by the German authorities too.

And from Automotive News:

VW Group emissions-rigging claims reach back further: additional material on the three US states' actions.

EU steps up pressure on VW for bigger consumer payouts: basically, they should get as much as American consumers did.

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