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Friday, 22 July 2016

Germany to require 'black box' in autonomous cars | Reuters

According to Reuters, Germany is planning to require that cars with an autopilot function be fitted with a black box to help establish where fault lies in accidents. In light of the fatal crash of a Tesla Model S in Florida while in Autopilot mode, this is hardly surprising, although it is slightly surprising that a proposal should have emerged quite so quickly.

The proposed law will not require "drivers" (if that expression is still relevant) to pay attention or concentrate on steering, but they have to remain in the driver's seat so they can intervene in an emergency. For that purpose, presumably, they have to remain alert even if the law does not require it.

The blackbox will record when the autopilot function is engaged, when the driver drove and when the system asked the driver to take over. It is still only a draft from the transport ministry, and will be considered by other ministries in the German government over the summer.

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