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Friday, 22 July 2016

Germany denies investigating Tesla over software updates | Reuters

The German transport ministry has said that it is "clarifying technical issues" relating to an update to Tesla's driving assistance software which had not been properly notified to it. According to a report in Der Spiegel (which I can't find on its website, although there appears to be a mention of the matter here), there were "indications" that new software features had been uploaded to cars without having been approved by the authorities, and that the ministry was "investigating". It says it isn't, but the word "investigating" is open to different interpretations.

Tesla revealed that all its whole-vehicle type approvals in Europe have been issued by the RDW assembly and PDI facility in Tilburg, the Netherlands. This should mean that it does not need national approvals in individual Member States, so precisely what the KBA in Germany is "investigating" is a bit of a mystery.

The recent fatal accident in Florida involving a Tesla car running driving assistance software does, of course, give this story added significance.

Reuters, 8 July.

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